Should You Buy a Home Through a Property Auction?

While people watch news of the economy and hold their collective breaths over the future of property values, jobs, and other factors affecting the way we live, you’re probably wondering if now is a good time to consider buying a home. As you search desired neighborhoods, you may become discouraged with sticker prices and decide to wait until you feel comfortable that you can cover closing costs and mortgage, but if you find yourself behind the curve constantly, what then? Is your dream of owning a home one that will remain out of reach? Not necessarily.

Depending on how much a bank is willing to lend you for buying a home, you may wish to look into property auctions in your area for finding a new place to live. Often when homeowners are unable to make mortgage payments on time, or at all, the bank or financial institution owed the money may seize the property and place it on the auction block to recoup any losses. When you research available homes or attend a live auction, you are likely to find homes, condos, and commercial property for sale well below their appraised value. This give bidders the opportunity to buy a house cheaply – it’s not uncommon, either, for developers and agents to frequent auctions to pick up good investment property for a strong ROI.

Should you look into a property auction to find your home? There are advantages to searching foreclosed property as opposed to other sales. Price, of course, is a major determining factor, and if the property you buy needs fixing you’ll certainly need the money you save for renovations. If you buy a home of historic interest, too, you might find you are eligible for certain tax credits for restoration.

Finding information on homes up for auction isn’t difficult, either. A Google search for property auctions will yield a multitude of results – you’ll find real estate companies who deal with specific regions, auction search engines that cover the entire country, and sites that handle commercial properties. When you know the city/neighborhood you want to search, take the time to thoroughly go through available properties and the details before making an informed decision to bid.

If you are serious about buying a home but don’t have the money to handle a high mortgage, taking advantage of a property auction could get you into a home. Research what is out there and make a bid on a fixer-upper or foreclosed home.

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