Review – Why Be A Fruta Vida Distributor? 10 Benefits

Fruta Vida is a health drink featuring ingredients form the Brazilian rain forest. That is a very simple definition of the product itself. In reality Fruta Vida is so much more. Let’s look at 10 benefits of becoming a Fruta Vida Distributor and why it is such a great product.

1. The product works. For any product to sell it has to do what it says it will do. Fruta Vida Juice improves your health in so many ways once you take it you buy it again every month.

2. There are so many testimonials it must be true. The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Oprah Winfrey, and normal everyday people all have good things to say about Fruta Vida. You can add your own testimonial

3. It is affordable. You can buy one bottle of Fruta Vida for a little over $1 a day. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can afford to help yourself be more healthy

4. Fruta Vida is easy to buy. You can order it by the bottle or by the case on the internet and have it directly shipped to you.

5. each order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can order it risk free

6. If you like the product you can join the team and make money selling the product. You earn money on all of your personal sales.

7. You can build a network of distributors and get paid on their sales as well.

8. Fruta Vida offers training on how to sell the product and how to build your own business

9. They offer top marketing materials to help you promote the product and opportunity. This includes your own website, autoresponder for follow up by email, leads every month, a call center to do your phone calls for you and more.

10. Fruta Vida offers a complete money making system. When you add up everything they offer it is easy to see how you can make a lot of money with Fruta Vida.

There are many nutritional mlm companies in the world. The biggest benefit of becoming a Fruta Vida independent distributor is the product. It works and it is affordable. You can not stress the importance of this in the overall business opportunity that Fruta Vida provides to it’s distributors.

By having a quality product that is affordable and really does improve your health you get repeat business month after month. The money you earn continues to come in month after month as well. As you build your own network marketing downline your volume increases and so dose your income. This is known as residual income and it is one of the benefits of multi level marketing.

The key to learning about all of these benefits firsthand is to try the product and then share it. As a

Fruta V1ta Distributor [] you can do that and build your own business from that first step!

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