What Type of Flooring is Best For Your Home?

It can be a challenge for homeowners to choose the type of flooring that will work best in their home. Each type of flooring comes with its‘ own advantages and disadvantages, and in choosing the right one for you there are several things to consider.

Budget, aesthetics, taste and lifestyle as well as the amount of humidity, sunlight and water in the room need to be taken into consideration. There is an extensive range of choices and limitless design options to suit all kinds of looks and needs.

Following are some of the pros and cons of several types of flooring available:

* Hardwood floors are known for their strength and sturdiness. They are also easy to maintain as they only require dusting and vacuuming and need to be refinished only once every 10-15 years. However, on the flip side, they are prone to scratching and gouges and have a tendency to get discolored if exposed to dryness or wetness for periods of time

* Ceramic tile adds value to your home because of its‘ durability and wide decorative range. There are varieties to suit every need and budget. Maintenance is simple as ceramic tile requires only sweeping and mopping. The downside of tile flooring is that it can feel cold for bare feet (although you can compensate for this by using throw rugs or an area carpet), it may be hard to clean light colored tiles with wide seams and from personal experience I can tell you that things you drop on it usually break!

* Laminates are produced to look like an exact copy of wood floors but come with a lower price tag! They can be easily maintained and are also known for their price and durability. Damp mopping is the only thing needed for maintenance although replacement may be needed approximately every 10 years.

* Vinyl Flooring is affordable, durable and resistant to wear and tear. There is an extremely wide variety available to fit both budget and design guidelines and you only need to sweep and mop to maintain them!

* Carpeting is less expensive than many other flooring types, although as with other kinds there is a range of pricing. Carpets come in many sizes, shapes, fibers and colors, and are relatively easy to install. On the downside they require a little more maintenance than some of the other types of floors as they need to be vacuumed on a regular basis and need a thorough shampooing and cleaning once a year. People with allergies may want to steer clear of carpeting as it can trap dust mites and other allergens in its‘ fibers. If you do have allergies and you really want carpets it would be safer to stick with throw rugs and area carpets that can be cleaned more frequently and thoroughly.

As you can see there are many directions you can go to beautify your floors, as well as keeping them functional and easy to maintain. Most homes utilize several types and combinations to go with the different styles and uses of each room. Hopefully this article can be of some assistance to you in choosing your future flooring!

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Source by Alan Deacon

Top Tips to Find the Best Value, Warm and Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves

It sounds obvious, but try them on – there’s no substitute for this to get the right fit, look, level of warmth, protection and comfort for you for winter. In a sensible motorcycle clothing outlet there’s a seasonal order to gloves, e.g. winter gloves on the left, through to light ventilated summer gloves on the right. Check you’re in the right section and if there’s a light summer glove you love; see if there’s a winter waterproof version, about 25% of the time there will be.

Next top tip is read the labels. Motorcycle gloves are plastered in labels, about 4 per glove. Take the time to look at them for key winter glove features when buying. If you are buying on-line you need a site with quality technical descriptions – more than just a picture and a few words, check for the vital, value for money winter features listed below:

  • WP stands for waterproof, and you’re going to want a waterproof motorcycle glove in winter – it may say something like „Hipora lining“, which happens to be waterproof and breathable.
  • Insulation – you’ll need this in winter – look for the label describing it e.g. „Thinsulate lining“. Good linings and insulation tend to be a fine mesh material that traps heat and is breathable.
  • Materials: keep an open mind here. Leather is not necessarily better for winter – it gives great protection and feel, but leather jackets, boots and gloves all eventually absorb water leaving you heavier and colder. Synthetic materials, preferably with Kevlar added are just as good in a motorcycle glove, if not better, for winter protection and warmth.
  • Brand and style labels – you will get different features depending on the style of glove. Bear in mind that you pay for Brand names; some of it justified and some of it not. If you are a fashionista with a decent income, you don’t need to concern yourself with this, but the rest of us need to remember that you don’t always get better materials or features based on brand. The price can be fixed at what the market can stand; after all someone has to pay for all that marketing… Check out good value motorcycle clothing brands like RST and Spada compared to Alpinestars and Dainese for example.
  • Price: you get what you pay for (setting aside the debate about brand above). Winter motorcycle gloves go from about £20 to over £200, but you can expect a very decent pair from £40-£60.
  • Size: snug is good, too tight is a recipe for cutting off circulation and speeding up the freezing process to the extremities in winter.

Other winter motorcycling glove features to check for are:

  • Gauntlet style with longer wrists, which fit over your jacket and stop the draught going up your sleeves. Try them on with your jacket to make sure they fit easily enough not to annoy the hell out of you every time you put them on!
  • A visor wipe (a strip of absorbent material on the back/side of the glove to swipe your visor clear of rain) is useful for winter.
  • Warmth and comfort of the inner lining – winter motorcycle gloves vary radically in this department.
  • Level of protection – look for knuckle armour and abrasion resistant materials like Kevlar and tougher materials at key impact areas.
  • Reflective strips or fluorescent material to give you more visibility in the dark winter mornings and evenings.

Finally, consider buying a pair of liner gloves at the same time as you buy the next pair of winter gloves. Try them on together in the shop; it may be that for a non-restrictive fit to incorporate liner gloves you need an outer glove one size bigger than normal. If your gloves are too tight-fitting they will restrict circulation, one of the best ways to speed up the freezing process.

So, to summarise those top tips: there is no substitute for trying gloves on: look at the labels, check for the winter features listed above and keep an open mind about materials and brand to get yourself the best value winter glove.

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Source by Heather E Carr

How to Get Super Cheated While Your House is Being Foreclosed

You have seen that bandit sign at the intersection that says STOP FORECLOSURE call Mr. Miracle at 555 BIG SCAM. Here is an opportunity. Mr. Miracle who looks talks a lot like P. T. Barnum and Elmer Gantry all rolled into one, suggests that you deed your house to him subject to the mortgage. What does that mean? In Florida, it means that you have deeded your house to Mr. Miracle He owns it. It is his. You need to move out or pay him rent. He owns the house but you owe the mortgage. You owe the mortgage. You signed a promissory note when you got the mortgage. You personally promised to pay back the money. If you don’t, the bank will sue you for a deficiency judgment. What is a deficiency judgment? It is when the bank sues you and gets a personal judgment against you for the difference between how much you owe and what the house sold for at public foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps when Mr. Miracle did not catch up and make the payments like he said he would.

Oh well. You can always declare bankruptcy unless you have already done that and the bank waits until you have done that to sue you. Don’t those judgments expire? Yes they do in twenty years. In Florida the creditor can take your assets. take your bank account, garnish your wages, aggravate you for a long time

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a little more information before you deed your house to Mr. Miracle.

Here is another idea. Let’s do nothing! Yeah do nothing. Just sit back and wait for the foreclosure auction. It’s not your fault that you are in this fix anyway. It’s the bank“s fault. It’s the real estate agent’s fault. It’s the government’s fault. Do nothing is just a little bit better than deeding your house to Mr. Miracle. If you do nothing, in Florida, it will take about six to ten months for the foreclosure process to happen.Your house will be sold on the courthouse steps. It will sell for pennies on the dollar or the bank will buy it. You will probably be sued for a deficiency judgment. Your Problems have just begun.

Deed it to Mr. Miracle. That is not a good plan. Do nothing. That is not much better. What can you do?

Here is a novel idea. Catch up the back payments and continue making the payments. I am amazed at how many people are being foreclosed on that aren’t working. Go to work. Earn some money. Do something beneath your dignity. Sell something. Sell everything you own. Sell your car. Sell your jet ski. Sell your furniture. Sell your jewelry. Sell your motorcycle. If any of this stuff has payments, sell that first. Get the money together and make the payments. Unless you committed fraud to get this mortgage, you could afford this house when you bought it.Afford it now. Make the payments. Don’t take this lying down. If you did commit mortgage fraud to get this loan, that is an even better reason to make the payments. After foreclosure a fraud investigation could really make your life miserable. Google that,

Many people that come to my real estate school are there to learn how to learn to make money so they can make the payments on their house that is being foreclosed. Real estate, insurance,pre paid legal, Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and a bunch of other products are sold on commission only. Anyone that wants to earn money can learn to make money by selling one of these products. It is easy to get hired because the recruiter can’t tell if you are going to work. Almost all products that are sold on commission only can be sold by anyone that works hard. Get such an opportunity and earn some money. Make your payments.Most of these products including real estate can be sold part time. If you are currently employed but need more money, find such an opportunity. Make your payments.

Call your mortgage company or bank. Talk to them. Ask them what you can do. They might amaze you. I have heard some amazing stories.

Here is a plan that I am certain will work. Sell your house. If you can’t afford it, sell it. What could be more simple than that. Find a buyer. He gets a new mortgage, pays your mortgage off. Your problem is solved. What if your house is worth three hundred thousand and you owe four hundred on your mortgage.?

Banks are in business to make money. If they foreclose on your house, it will probably sell at public auction on the courthouse steps for $200,000, or the bank will buy it at the courthouse steps. Then they will list it with a real estate agent and he will make a commission. They will also pay the normal closing costs of the transaction. They will also have all the normal expenses of home ownership; taxes, HOA dues, insurance, maintenance, etc. They don’t want to do that. However, if it is the most profitable option available to them they will do that.

Another choice for you is called loss mitigation, slangly called „short sale“. The way this works is, you find a buyer, the best way to do that is to list with a good real estate agent. The real estate agent finds a buyer at a proper price. Participate in that decision. After all the expenses of the sale have been paid, the bank accepts the proceeds of that sale and satisfies the loan.

Have an attorney represent you and be certain that the bank waives their right to a deficiency judgment.

Please understand you are in a very bad spot. It is going to take a lot of discomfort to get out. Be good to yourself. Be good to your spouse. Do not sign any papers that you don’t understand. Legal advise is cheap compared to what can happen without it. Think. These are big important decisions.

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Source by Ron Climer

Do-It-Yourself Staging Tips for Home Sellers

The buzzword today with residential real estate agents is staging. Staging a home can change a homes atmosphere that appeals to homebuyers and which may bring a higher price and accelerate market time. By adding small decorative touches, rearranging or deleting furniture or creating vignettes a home can look like a professional stager was hired.

Mark Nash author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home has seen the best and worst in home staging as a real estate broker in Chicago and he shares some do’s and don’ts for home sellers that want to try to stage their home.


-Pick-up recent home decorating magazines. If your not up to speed on current decorating trends it will help familiarize yourself with how interior design is being marketed. Tab pages with low-cost ideas that which will make your home say today.

-Invite a friend or real estate agent over. A second or third pair of eyes will help you accent the best and edit the worst in your home. Be prepared for some constructive criticism. You want to hear it before you put your home on market, not as feedback from prospective buyers. Go room-by-room with a worksheet so you can take notes. Depending on how much time you have available for an update or a makeover, you will need to prioritize and figure out what will give you the biggest return. Do this at least two months before you put your house on market.

-Stage a home office if you don’t have one. They’re not a trend; they’re required for homebuyers in 2006. Many homebuyers today work from home part or full-time or want a space where they can organize their life and park a computer. Find an extra bedroom, walk-in closet or an unused corner and convert into a home office. Make sure there is a convenient electric, telephone and cable supply.

-Focus on living spaces. These areas are where the majority of homebuyers will spend their time. Place a side table and a floor lamp next to a comfortable chair as a reading corner. Float sofas and coffee tables away from walls for a designer look. Use area rugs to anchor furniture groupings on bare tile and wood floors. Living spaces must have matching table lamps. Streamline family photos and place green plants in room. Fireplaces should always be operable and on in season. Place groupings of candles and clear glass bowls filled with natural potpourri on side and coffee tables. Substantial wicker baskets can organize magazines, remote controls and toys. Limit knick-knacks to make room for staging materials.

-Give attention to Kitchens. Put away in a handy drawer all dish towels and rags. Reduce recipe boxes, barrels of cooking utensils, excess-cooking machines, and cookbooks by two-thirds to open up counter spaces. For a quick update put new hardware on cabinets. Find an out-of-the-way place for a portable dishwasher. Clean off everything on the refrigerator door. Omit throw rugs scattered around the kitchen. Clean off windowsills to open up exterior views. Organize cabinets with clear containers. If you can’t see the back wall of a cabinet, buyers will think you don’t have enough storage space. Ditto closets. Budget to keep a variety of fresh fruit in a glass bowl on the counter. Edit family bulletin boards. Remove old curtains and install new wood blinds on windows.

-Spend time on sleeping and bathing spaces. Often over looked in the frenzy to get a home on market, these spaces can make or break a home. Buy a set that consists of a matching bed skirt, bed spread, pillow covers and blinds to match. Buy a new shower curtain and separate liner. Wash the liner often if mold develops. Add complete sets of towels that coordinate with your new shower curtain. Clear all cosmetics off vanity. If you have an over-the-toilet cabinet consider removing and place a piece of artwork in its place. Remember to keep items in the „too much information“ category, out of view. If you have a king-size bed in a small room, you’ll pay to have buyers over come this negative, so get rid of it now. Clear off dresser and nightstands of excess. Make sure the bedroom receives the maximum natural light. Install closet organizers in closets. Eliminate wall and door hooks for clothes. People might look under your bed, no surprises please.

-Remember first impressions in entries. A simple consol table with mirror over makes a nice entranceway. Make sure this space is well lit day or night. Place adhesive under rugs so buyers don’t trip or slide.


-Use inexpensive silk flowers. Nothing distracts buyers more that silk flowers that are past their time, inappropriate for the season or thrown together. Throw them out, now.

-Forget to upgrade Fido’s bowl. I’ve experienced more unhealthy pet food bowls, watering stations and litter boxes than I care to remember. We know you love your pet, but prove it to homebuyers.

-Overlook window coverings. Buyers today think less is more in window fashion. They want the most light and the least embellishment on windows. And no layered treatments with sheer panels please.

-Use low wattage light bulbs. Dark, dim rooms are unappealing to homebuyers. They want to see what they might buy. Replace bulbs with manufacture recommended wattages and especially the burned out ones. The newer low-energy bulbs don’t cast home or people in flattering light.

-Think that everyone loves wallpaper. No two people have the same taste in this instant decorator finishes. If it’s more than three years old, take it down and paint in a neutral color. And wallpaper boarders are out.

-Paint with commitment colors. If you’ve determined that you need to paint, stay away from bold or as I call them commitment colors. Commitment colors are those buyers either love or hate. It can be difficult for buyers to overlay their style on them. As one client said to me “ I don’t live in a magazine.“

-Think cleaning is a part of staging. Cleaning is what you do before staging. Everything should shimmer and shine. Don’t forget the windows.

Use these do-it-yourself tips to place your home on the stage of your local home sale theater.

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Source by Mark Nash

Buying Property in Puerto Vallarta – How to Find The Right Agent

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best tourist locations in Mexico. It has everything one would want in a world class tourist destination. It will provide you with breathtaking beaches, great restaurants serving the most mouthwatering food, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Tourists can also enjoy the water activities, the vintage appeal and old Mexico charm of Puerto Vallarta. It boasts of world class amenities and the attractions that will tempt and entice to stay there for ever forever. Yes, now you can. You can own a property in Puerto Vallarta like countless Americans, Canadians and Europeans have done. Everyone wishes for a risk free real estate investment. Now your wish can be fulfilled. You will be able to have a great time on vacation in Puerto Vallarta whenever you feel like and rest of the time your Real Estate investment in Puerto Vallarta will keep earning you money in rental. You may choose any type of property; it may be a condominium, fractal or timeshare.

Though, buying Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta sounds tempting, a potential owner has to be careful as is the case with all major real estate transactions. What you can do to help yourself is to roam around the beautiful city, immerse yourself. Find out which location you fancy. What sort of property would you like? Get to know all the property options you have.

The next step will be to find a local real estate agent in Puerto Vallarta who can assist you in this Endeavour. A real estate agent will help to find the right abode for you. Always choose real estate agents who are involved in all stages of the transaction from beginning to end and takes commission only when the sale is realized. The real estate agent may decide to keep few important things hidden from you. Therefore, you should investigate the property before the purchase. Self education is very important in real estate matters.

Make sure the Real Estate agent is familiar with the locality. Real Estate agent or the firm should be a known figure and should have a good reputation. Your friends familiar with the area or your lawyer can be of great help while choosing a Real Estate agent in Puerto Vallarta. The simplest way to know about the real estate agent is to do research on internet. Most of the real estate agents have well maintained websites that can give you ample information about the areas of information, services, fees, and list of properties for sale. It is also advised t to find a real estate agent who is an AMPI member.

Keep these points while hunting for your dream abode in Puerto Vallarta and you will surely get one.

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Source by T. Budniak

Hints For First Time Buyers

Take the First Step to Buying the Home that Fits Your Needs

First-time home buyers are often times discombobulated when selecting their home. Strategizing and planning are essential ways to simplify the process. The first step would be to sit down and list what is important to you in a home. Defining your personal needs will help alleviate any confusion when touring homes. Ask yourself about your future plans. Do you want to start a family? If so, what can you anticipate their needs? Think about where you would like to live. Which neighborhood is right for you? Think about what local amenities you would like to have near your home.

Get an idea of your finances by visiting your bank or accountant. Finding out exactly how much you can spend will not only save you money, but also put you in control over your finances. After you have constructed your comprehensive list, then it is time to find a realtor.

Finding the Right Realtor Will Save You Time and Money

Searching for a realtor who will listen and take your personal needs in account will be the driving force behind finding your perfect home. There are many ways to accomplish this goal by attending open houses and getting realtors‘ business cards and asking friends and family members for recommendations. The next step is to sit down with the realtor for an interview. During your initial meeting, you want to gain as much professional knowledge you can about the individual. Establishing a rapport and enjoying their demeanor is also part of this first meeting. If things have clicked, then proceed with your request for their services. Realtors only know as much as you tell them, so when relaying your description for your dream home, be sure to include all relevant information. Bringing in pictures you may have found in magazines or real estate guides will also be beneficial. Once they have all your information, the process of home tours begins.

Successful Home Searches Can Be Easy

Before you visit your first potential home there are a few materials to bring to expedite the home searching endeavor. Bringing a camera allows you to document your experience for future review. Be sure to take close-up pictures of decorative trim or any fine craftsmanship. Bring a notebook and take down information about the house and the neighborhood. After visiting, look up the neighborhood’s statistics and information. You will learn a lot about your neighborhood’s amenities, restaurants, school systems, and community centers. See if the community matches up with your needs. Afterward, you will want to narrow down your search to a couple houses. Schedule to view the homes at least twice. Feeling confident about your choice is important, and gaining as much information about the home’s history will help you make your decision. Realtors are required to give you the full breadth of a home’s past, so ask as many questions as you can.

The day will come when you finally purchase a home. If you follow these steps, then you have done your best to ensure that your new home provides a lifetime of happiness.

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Source by Karen Bellas

Let’s Move to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire!

Thinking of moving out to Cheshire? Take a look at the village of Holmes Chapel which is a nice area within easy commuting distance of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Holmes Chapel is a village in Cheshire. It’s quite small, the last census measured the population at under 6,000 and it retains an „old fashioned“ feel (and I mean that in a positive way) compared to my previous experiences of living in cities and in other towns.

Geographically it is less than a mile from the M6 motorway which means you have easy access to the M6 and the M56 so it’s easy to get to Manchester, Warrington, Crewe, Stoke, Birmingham and obviously many places in between and all around. It’s also on the Crewe to Manchester train line so getting into Manchester is fairly easy as the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Holmes Chapel station also has a book club and has won lots of awards. Compared to the grim faceless and vandalised train stations you find in most towns and cities, it’s great!

The village has two primary schools, Hermitage and Holmes Chapel Primary both of which have excellent Ofsted and DFES results so it’s a great place to move to find a better state education for your kids. It also has a secondary school and attached sixth form centre which again, is very highly rated by Ofsted and is particularly strong in Science. In other words, if you’re looking to move to somewhere outside of the city so your kids can go to good local schools all the way through then it’s an excellent choice.

Because of the good schools and the good commuting opportunities, Holmes Chapel is relatively expensive compared to some larger more industrialised towns. The cheapest houses I’ve seen in recent months come in at around £160,000 for a fairly small 2 bedroomed terraced house. For a three bedroomed semi or terraced you’d probably be looking ar £170-190k and for a 3 bedroom detached house, over £230k. There are also lots of large 4 bed detached houses in the village which currently sell for anything between £270k and £370k upwards depending on where they are and what they’re like. It is possible to rent as well though, and three bedroom houses seem to be available for around £700 a month upwards.

Holmes Chapel has a lot of older residents because a lot of the housing was built in the 70’s with more in the mid 1980’s and bought as new by people moving into the area to take advantage of the schools, commuting and the general niceness of the environment. Many of these people are now nearing retirement. This means that there is a nice relaxed feel to the place and a stroll to the shops will generally produce many polite smiles, nods and hellos from people you don’t actually know. Again, a very nice and old fashioned attitude that has been sadly lost in many places where people scurry about in fear of being attacked or assaulted.

There is a Youth Club and a Leisure Centre and two private sports and leisure clubs which also provide excellent sporting and social facilities throughout the year. Holmes Chapel also has a library, doctors surgery, a dentist and an opticians alongside a variety of excellent local shops and businesses.

All in all if you are looking for somewhere to commute to Manchester or Warrington from where you can find excellent local schools then Holmes Chapel is a good option and well worth a look.

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Source by M Thomson

How Effective Leaders Support Their Employees‘ Mental Health

Faced with the new realities of a global pandemic, working from home, school and business closures, and a lack of physical contact with friends and family – well, it’s little wonder that mental health struggles have been on the rise over these two years.

According to official statistics published by the OECD, anxiety, depression, and stress rose sharply in 2020.

People are beginning to recognize that stable mental health is part of the foundation of a successful career. In many ways, renowned gymnast Simone Biles set a healthy example by withdrawing from the Olympics individual all-around gymnastics competition to focus on her mental health – prioritizing her own wellbeing over all else.

Against the grim backdrop of COVID-19, what is an effective leader’s role? If anything, the same as it always was – to support and protect the best interests of their employees. But now, with altered management tactics and responses to accommodate the emotional needs of a workforce. Leaders should look at their employees‘ issues through a prism of empathy and sensitivity to find solutions that work best for both the workers and the company.

If that sounds overwhelming, fear not: this article breaks down some easy-to-digest ways for you to help your employees through these difficult times.

Ask. Listen. Acknowledge

If this seems like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised. Very few leaders make an effort to genuinely express concern over their employees‘ circumstances and wellbeing beyond a cursory „how are you?“ at morning meetings.

In a study by Harvard Business Review, nearly 40% of employees globally said that no one at their company had asked them if they were doing OK – and those respondents were 38% more likely than others to say that their mental health had declined since the outbreak.

Be prepared for difficult conversations. For instance, it might be likely that an employee is stressed working from home because they’ve had childcare commitments, making it difficult for them to meet deadlines. In this case, it is essential to remember that an effective leader is more than just a manager – instead of reacting with anger or undue worry about the loss of productivity, practise understanding and diplomacy.

Your place in a one-on-one discussion should not be to criticize and micromanage but to express genuine human concern and sensitivity.

Offer flexibility

Once you fully understand the complexity of their concerns, then work together with each employee to find solutions. This process should be collaborative until you find the bridge between your employee’s mental health needs and the company’s requirements.

During uncertain times, part of what makes a leader great is their ability to adapt. Don’t be confined by the archaic ways of how things need to be done if they’re not helping anyone.

Novel times call for novel measures. Leaders are now called upon to action more flexible working solutions and be more flexible in their thinking than they have ever been. More flexible meeting times, and on some occasions, advances on payslips and offering WFH solutions might also become a requirement.

Be patient

Despite how tiring multiple lockdowns and variants can get, don’t let this stagnate the progress of mental health check-ins with your employees – whether they’re physically present at the office or working from home. The qualities that shape an effective leader – resilience and perseverance – should also shape your communication strategies.

Remember that mental health ebbs and flows. Be consistent in reminding employees of your availability and your support through the years.

Above all, be patient with yourself. As the saying goes, you can’t help anyone if you’re not helping yourself. Set a healthy example for your workforce by prioritizing your own mental health and work-life balance as an effective leader.

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Source by P Lorraine Wigglesworth

Where to Find Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ontario, Canada

Ultrasound is a highly successful field all over Canada and it will probably remain this way for a long, long time. However, ultrasound schools in Ontario are few and hard to find. Let me help you find Ultrasound Technician Training in Ontario, Canada and become a part of this successful field. But first, let me answer a few basic questions.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves reflecting off of internal body parts to create images for medical examination.

It is mostly used to check the baby inside the mother before it is born. It is also used to identify pathologies such as gallstones, kidney stones, cancers, hematomas and tumors.

How much do Ultrasound Technicians near Toronto make?

Ultrasound technicians (aka Ultrasonologists) are the people responsible for operating ultrasound machines that create the digital images used to visualize the internal body parts.

Compared to other branches of medicine, this field is not very competitive in Ontario and an Ultrasonologist working in the Toronto Area now earns an average annual salary of $50,572. Half of those in this position would earn between $40,898 and $76,546 (the 17th and 67th percentiles). These numbers are derived from area-specific government survey data.

So as you can see, it is well paying!

Where Do I Find Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ontario?

Well, you have a few options.

1) If you have the money and the required prerequisites, you can choose to go to an established Ultrasound Institute in Ontario, this can take anywhere from 2-3 years. The costs can be around $2000-4000 per year depending on which University to go to. Due to long waiting lists, you may not find entry easily. The only well-known university offering a Post Diploma Ultrasound program in Ontario is Michener Institute.

So what are your alternatives?

2) The other way, and the one that I suggest is learning Ultrasound from an instructor who has experience teaching Ultrasound but is not necessarily working as part of an Institute. Why do I suggest this? Don’t you have to go to a certified institution? The answer, plain and simple is NO.

As long as you have the right skills, many ultrasound clinics will hire you as a „trainee-ultrasonogist“ without requiring any special certification. After working with such clinics for about a year, you will be eligible for writing your ARDMS examination and becoming a licensed ultrasonogist. This process can take as little as 1 year and 4 months of study and as little as $1500 in investment.

Where do I find such an Instructor?

The one that I personally recommend if you are looking for Ultrasound Technician Schools near Toronto is the Mainz Ultrasound Training (located in Mississauga).

UPDATE: Mainz Ultrasound has recently changed their prerequisites to only accept students who already have some ultrasound background.

Why should you choose Mainz Ultrasound? Here’s a few reasons:

1. There are no difficult prerequisites -> Easy admission

2. It is very inexpensive compared to other options

3. The courses are short -> Only 14 weeks to start working in the field

4. It is taught only on weekends -> You can work or study during the week

5. It is taught by an ARDMS certified instructor with 20 years of experience, and almost 1700 successful students.

6. They offer personalized, hands-on, one-on-one training with equipment

7. The classes are small and personalized.

What if I live outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

If you live outside of the GTA, you might want to check out Mohawk College. They have campuses in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario. Starting fall 2008 and Winter 2009 they have a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (also known as Echocardiography) program which will last approximately 54 weeks. You can check out details here [http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/calendar/healthSciences/medTech/DCS.html]. However just like Michener Institute they have long waiting lists for admission.

You can also look for ads for ultrasound technician schools or tuition in your local newspaper in the classifieds section. If you can’t find a place, I suggest going to an ultrasound clinic and talking to the staff members there and asking where they studied ultrasound. Chances are, they can guide you to the right place.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Realtor’s Guide for Better Sales and Proper Engaging

There has been plenty written about short sales, and in particular, Realtors entering that market to help sellers who are handcuffed by financial binds. Of course, the other side of the coin is the folks who are buying short sales. Is there opportunity for Realtors on the buying side? Buyers need guidance just as sellers do. And actually, majority believes that they need more assistance than traditional buyers because of the complexities of short sales.

If you’re thinking of facilitating the buyers with distressed properties, take a few minutes to consider these tips.

1. Educate your-self. Perhaps one of the reasons you have avoided helping sellers is all the education. Well, if you’re going to help buyers, you’ll need just as much (and some say more) than the agents on the selling side, this is one of the most important you should be aware of if you are agent.

2. Preach patience. Many buyers come into the market for short sales thinking not only that they’re going to get a good deal, but also that they’re going to score one quickly. Not so fast Mr. Buyer. Bank approval on offers sometimes takes weeks, so it’s imperative to first know how long buyers are willing to wait and then prepare them for the extra time it’ll take to close deals. You need to educate your buyer well or you may end up with an unhappy customer if they aren’t expecting some aspects of the process. you explain that the process can be challenging, but you also talk about it being a great way to find a great home that’s typically the best priced home in the neighborhood.

3. Keep emotions at bay. This is a good segue from number two about patience. Yes, short sales by their very nature are extraordinarily emotional for sellers, who are often in disbelief and denial. But beyond that, because short sales take so long, buyers (and even their agents) can end up emotional as well.

4. Communicate constantly. One way or another to keep expectations on track throughout the process is to communicate constantly with everyone involved. Buyers‘ agents have to stay in touch with bankers, asset managers, loss mitigation folks, but especially with the sellers‘ agents – you have to work closely together relentlessly. And be sure to share all the information you get from the sellers‘ agents with your buyers – keep communications wide open.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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