Is the Dubai Property Market on the Brink of Something Better?

A review of recent trends in the property sector seems to indicate that Dubai is certainly on the crossroads of development. Yet the present lull in the building and construction sector is worrying many analysts, to say the least. In the opinion of the analysts, the present recession is indicative of a transitory phase in Dubai’s property market. Since housing is one of the key indicators of economic activity anywhere in the world, the slump in the current market has certainly affected other sectors of the economy.

With the housing sector on a downturn, and the consequent roll back of many developmental projects, it was clear that jobs would ultimately be lost and many expatriates would return to their home countries. While this was done in the best possible way and severance packages were also given, the episode is nevertheless likely to leave a bad taste in the mouth of many an overseas worker. To some it was quite abrupt and ruthless; others saw it coming and tried to hold on to the very end. But the fallout was inevitable and as many as 1000 employees have been affected in the housing sector alone. Nakheel had to lay off as much as 500 employees, representing as much as 15 percent of its own workforce. Similarly Damac has laid off 200 employees, Better Homes axing 50 staff, and Omniyat 69, with other firms bringing up the rear.

Many experts feel that it is time to strengthen the property business sector with mergers and acquisitions and other means of cooperation and participation. While some dread the effects, others say it would be good for business on the whole as it would strengthen the sector on an overall basis. Since Dubai had been witnessing some cases of default on high end properties, it was even estimated that the Government would officially step in at some point to order the merger of failing institutions. This has not occurred yet however, and the fate of the firms and the projects still rests with the open market.

Meanwhile a silver lining on the property cloud has been noticed in Dubai’s marina property market. According to the real estate firm Asteco, prices in Dubai’s marina properties have picked up during the year by as much as 18 to 38 percent. The same effect has also been seen in the villas in Springs Dubai marketed as a prime spring villa Dubai property. This has been verified by the fact that as of October 2009, a one bedroom apartment in Dubai is selling at Dhs.1300 per square foot, while a 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai is selling at Dhs.1250 per square foot. Maybe the Dubai property market is really on the brink of something better.

According to the latest report of the Dubai House Price Index from Colliers International, real estate prices in Dubai have grown almost seven percent during the third quarter of 2009. Real estate transactions increased by 64 percent during the third quarter largely due to relative stability in prices and affordable housing. It is expected that the continuing property boom will be further strengthened by a series of new launches and openings within Dubai.

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Source by Daniel Marshel

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