Discovering the Island Paradise of St Lucia

The discerning 21st century holidaymaker has the world at their feet – so why select a St Lucia hotel and come to this particular island Paradise? Here are some top reasons that draw people to this magical island:

The beaches.

Yes, it is perhaps a little obvious, but just about any St Lucia hotel is likely to be close to some of the best beaches you’ll find anywhere in the world. Horseshoe bays, golden sands, crystal clear waters – it would be plainly wrong to avoid these on any list of reasons why you should visit the island.

The countryside

The island still retains substantial rainforest areas in its hinterland. This is by no means commonplace, providing opportunities to take a break from the beach-based attractions and explore a fascinatingly unique set of flora and fauna. Of course, the island is also famous for having a drive-in volcano (at Soufrière)! Don’t worry though – it’s inactive.

The people and culture

St Lucians have an extraordinarily rich culture that is a mélange of French, British, Carib and African. This affects every aspect of daily life including the remarkable cuisine. Try any one of the speciality fish dishes such as salted cod and of course, the incomparable Jerk meats.

The history

For a long period of its history, this island was at the centre of warfare, primarily between Britain and France. To that one must add the appalling history of slavery and its effects on Africans forcibly brought to the island, as well as the original Carib populations. Yet today, those turbulent times have left a large number of historic sites to visit, including military fortifications, plantations and interesting towns.

The hotels

Of course, there is a wide variety of hotels to choose from, catering to all budgetary requirements. However, if you’re looking for a luxury hotel, you’ll find some truly superb examples here. Your luxury St Lucia hotel will be able to offer you unsurpassable luxury but also in breath-taking locations.

The weather

It doesn’t matter very much how beautiful your St Lucia hotel and the beach or countryside location is, it’s entirely academic if you can’t get out to benefit from it due to bad weather. Fortunately, this island is tropical and good weather is more-or-less guaranteed. There is a rainy season (roughly during the summer months) where heavy downpours might be encountered but they’re typically of short-duration and quickly followed up by the sun again!

The convenience

Some people don’t like huge journeys by air to the other side of the planet in order to find some exotic locations. That’s yet another reason why The Caribbean is popular – being a relatively manageable duration flight from Europe and North America.

So, after reading the above is it for you? Of course, only you can really answer that but large numbers of visitors choosing the island make return visits – and that must say something. Why not start looking for a St Lucia hotel and an opportunity to try this incredible holiday destination? You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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Source by Cheryl Matthews

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