Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Attract More New Listings for Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate agent you want to win more listings, close more deals, create more commission, and be successful. Everyone has the same goal, yet the outcome can be evasive. Luck is not a part of success in commercial real estate. Results only come to those that have a plan of action and they stick to it each and every working day.

Clients and prospects are the key to momentum in commercial real estate. You need lots of them. When you focus on the market and serving your clients well, you create repeat business. That is the extra leverage that you want in commercial real estate.

A commercial real estate client falls into one of the following categories:

  • A property investor that wants to invest in a stable and growing asset
  • A business owner that needs premises to operate from
  • A tenant that wants to occupy property for their business
  • A solicitor or accountant that has a client that is under property pressure
  • A developer that wants to create a new and fresh development in the local area
  • A franchise chain that requires premises to spread their business brand

All five of these groups have critical criteria to satisfy in the sale or lease transaction. These are the people that you have to know.

When you make these people the centre of your prospecting and marketing efforts, then listings and opportunity can come your way. Generally these target prospect groups will stay with you as their agent of choice providing you consistently bring them value and property knowledge that they can use. That will be in:

  1. Information on local prices and successful transactions
  2. Information on rental trends in different types of properties
  3. Supply and demand statistics from the region and local area
  4. Details of potential new properties coming up for sale or lease that may be of interest to them
  5. Details of comparable properties in the area that can compete with the clients property
  6. Changes of property use and zoning that can impact the local property market or region
  7. Time on market for both sales and leases in different property types and in different locations
  8. Methods of sale or lease that shorten the marketing time or cost for the client
  9. Marketing systems and channels that get the message to the identified target market that needs property today
  10. New property developments in the local area that will change the property demographic or demand.

The best local real estate agent will know these things and should provide them as part of a service to key clients and prospects. In this way they have maximum leverage to create long term business opportunity with the clients that they serve.

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