What Could You Possibly Put On Your Real Estate Blog

Are you running out of creative juice for your needed daily or weekly blog? Are you having some sort of repetitions just after two months or so? If you are in this situation, you’re probably thinking of how you can possibly sustain readership with writing ideas or topics that are sure to entice readers to follow you. Here are some topics you can write about for the next days.

Local activities which kids and teenagers would probably ask permission from their parents to join. Every community conducts activities for children and teenagers. These activities are geared to enrich the knowledge and skills of the participants. Most of them are conducted during summer months. But there are also some activities conducted during the other months of the year. These activities can range from art workshops, sports clinics, dance competitions, talent shows, and a whole lot more.

Current news in your local community and even important events of the nation. News affects all. Whatever is happening in the community and in the nation has impact to everybody. Discuss how these events can affect the families and individuals in the community. Assert your point. Give insights on how these events can shape the local real estate industry.

Present places of interests to your readers. Make your real estate blog a reference for readers to familiarize themselves with the community’s various interesting places. Let your writings take them to the vest restaurants, entertainment hubs, museums, shopping destinations, and even tourist spots. These local crowd-drawers deserve to have their spotlights on your blog. It will also help if you’ll notify merchants, establishments or entities which you’ll mention in your writing. Through this, you are getting them fueled to share your writings in their respective platforms. This will eventually increase redirects from their spaces to yours.

Dissect local market studies. Different studies present various insights. They send signals to buyers and sellers alike. Present statistics, data, and other information which will be valuable and influential to the decisions of your readers. Will this month be good to buy a house? Will next month see home prices increasing at least for your market?

Give tips, suggestions, and advises. Your blog can also serve as a communication line between you and your readers. Engage them in your posts through tips about home staging. Suggest ways on how they can better rearrange the room of their sons or daughters. Give advise on how to deal with noisy neighbors. There are plenty of topics in which your expert opinion and advise are warranted.

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Source by Desare A Kohn-Laski

Is the Dubai Property Market on the Brink of Something Better?

A review of recent trends in the property sector seems to indicate that Dubai is certainly on the crossroads of development. Yet the present lull in the building and construction sector is worrying many analysts, to say the least. In the opinion of the analysts, the present recession is indicative of a transitory phase in Dubai’s property market. Since housing is one of the key indicators of economic activity anywhere in the world, the slump in the current market has certainly affected other sectors of the economy.

With the housing sector on a downturn, and the consequent roll back of many developmental projects, it was clear that jobs would ultimately be lost and many expatriates would return to their home countries. While this was done in the best possible way and severance packages were also given, the episode is nevertheless likely to leave a bad taste in the mouth of many an overseas worker. To some it was quite abrupt and ruthless; others saw it coming and tried to hold on to the very end. But the fallout was inevitable and as many as 1000 employees have been affected in the housing sector alone. Nakheel had to lay off as much as 500 employees, representing as much as 15 percent of its own workforce. Similarly Damac has laid off 200 employees, Better Homes axing 50 staff, and Omniyat 69, with other firms bringing up the rear.

Many experts feel that it is time to strengthen the property business sector with mergers and acquisitions and other means of cooperation and participation. While some dread the effects, others say it would be good for business on the whole as it would strengthen the sector on an overall basis. Since Dubai had been witnessing some cases of default on high end properties, it was even estimated that the Government would officially step in at some point to order the merger of failing institutions. This has not occurred yet however, and the fate of the firms and the projects still rests with the open market.

Meanwhile a silver lining on the property cloud has been noticed in Dubai’s marina property market. According to the real estate firm Asteco, prices in Dubai’s marina properties have picked up during the year by as much as 18 to 38 percent. The same effect has also been seen in the villas in Springs Dubai marketed as a prime spring villa Dubai property. This has been verified by the fact that as of October 2009, a one bedroom apartment in Dubai is selling at Dhs.1300 per square foot, while a 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai is selling at Dhs.1250 per square foot. Maybe the Dubai property market is really on the brink of something better.

According to the latest report of the Dubai House Price Index from Colliers International, real estate prices in Dubai have grown almost seven percent during the third quarter of 2009. Real estate transactions increased by 64 percent during the third quarter largely due to relative stability in prices and affordable housing. It is expected that the continuing property boom will be further strengthened by a series of new launches and openings within Dubai.

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Source by Daniel Marshel

The Practice of Bleaching Water Buckets

It’s a great feeling when stalls have been cleaned and all the horses have been grained, hayed and watered. The halters are all hung outside the stalls, the aisles have been swept. It’s a beautiful morning, not cold, not hot. It’s just right. The birds are singing. No flies yet. There’s an underlying antiseptic scent in the air. You take a breath and sigh. All is well with the world, at least inside your barn. You hope.

You’ve done everything you can to create a clean healthy atmosphere for your horses. But have you done too much? Are you guilty of over-kill? Horses are animals, remember. Yes we are, too, but that’s the problem. We have placed our human standards onto the backs of our horses, and rumor has it we are not doing them the better for it.

When was it decided that we should routinely bleach our horses‘ water buckets? I’m not talking about using a brush and just cleaning them well. I’m referring to the practice of adding bleach to the cleaning water and scrubbing like crazy. I have seen horsemen so diligently cleaning their buckets; it looks like a bicep/triceps workout. Why? Because we think we’re getting out the germs. Horrible germs lurking in the water, for the very same animals that graze off the ground, where dirt, bugs, slugs and all sorts of „icky poo’s“ dwell. Water is different, I can hear the diligent horseperson say and I agree. Water in most barns these days, sadly, is chlorinated. And yet, with or without chlorine, water buckets still get scummy over time and smell. Thus said,  I can swear on my horse’s life, that I have never had scum so foul and so strong that a simple swishing with a brush could not alleviate it. So why, oh why are we scrubbing them to death with bleach?

A barn that has a contagious disease is one thing. I’m not downplaying conscientious attempts to irradiate that disease. I am referring to the caring horsemen and horsewomen who are exposing their horses to bleach residue imbedded in plastic and rubberized water buckets day in and day out, under the assumption that it is the right thing to do. It puts me in mind of the hand sanitizers that are so popular right now with our attempts to kill all contact bacteria, a practice which is now being touted as possibly paving the way for even stronger bacteria, the super bugs.

Give your horse’s water bucket a good cleaning at least once a week and even more often than that. Clean it daily if you like; just don’t use chlorine bleach unless chlorine bleach is actually called for. Simply dump your horse’s water bucket and give it a swish with a brush and rinse.  Horse’s like fresh water. Make sure they have access to water at all times. Don’t count on moisture in the grass when you turn them out on pasture. I shudder at practices like that. Give them water. Give them fresh water. Give them endless water. It is the single most important nourishment in their lives. They can live without a bleach-scrubbed water bucket. They can not live without clean fresh water.

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Source by MaryAnn Myers

Top Schools in Greater Noida

Education is the greatest gift you can give to your child. And it is only through schooling that your child can get educated.

Have you been looking for the best schools in Greater Noida? Well, look no further. Here is a list of top schools in Noida.

  1. SHRI RAM GLOBAL SCHOOL, Greater Noida West

This school will provide an enriching experience for your child, ensuring the overall development of the child. Their tagline „Learning to be“ is symbolic of their focus on helping children find their way in life. And thus, it stands first in the list of top schools in Greater Noida.

We all know the importance of proper schooling and education. It is essential as it equips one with all the necessary skills to deal with the tests that life takes throughout time. And thus, parents look for the best possible ones for their children. Well, SRGS, Noida, is the best for you.


  1. Co-ed education
  2. Classes from Kindergarten to XII
  3. Vast campus stretching up to 4 acres
  4. Small class sizes to ensure individualized guidance for every student


  1. STEM Labs that are well equipped with State of the art necessities
  2. Studios for Visual and Performing Arts
  3. Sports like Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Football, etc.
  4. Academic curriculum facilitated by way of Wi-fi enabled classes
  5. CCTV
  6. Junior Gym

Another notable achievement is that it is ranked No. 1 in the Futuristic School Awards by Re-Think India Foundation. The Shri Ram Global School is worthy of the top place in the top schools in Greater Noida.

  1. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Sector 30 Noida

Delhi Public School, Sector 30 Noida certainly deserves a place on the list. Bearing affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school has an excellent curriculum that promotes the child’s healthy development.


  1. Co-ed
  2. English medium
  3. Enrolls near about 5000 students.
  4. Classes ranging from Nursery to the XII grade.
  5. The academic year begins in April.
  6. Their motto: „Service Before Self,“ exemplifies the values they cultivate.


  1. Computer labs
  2. Sports
  3. Dance
  4. Counseling
  5. Transportation.
  1. SKS WORLD SCHOOL, Greater Noida West (Noida Extension) Greater Noida

The school was established in 2016. The SKS Educational and Social Trust manage the school. Its facilities and academic curriculum are exemplary. And thus, it features on the list of top schools in Greater Noida.


  1. Affiliated to CBSE
  2. Grades from Pre-Nursery to X
  3. English Medium school
  4. The academic year begins in April and ends in March.


  1. Computer labs
  2. Counseling
  3. Transportation
  4. AV Facilities
  5. Medical facilities

This prestigious school is a great school that the Lotus Valley Education Society manages. It is the recipient of the British Council International School Award. This is one of the many reasons why it features in the list.


  1. Co-ed
  2. English Medium
  3. Grades from Pre-nursery to XII
  4. The academic year begins in April and lasts till March.


  1. Art
  2. AC buses
  3. Counseling
  4. Language labs
  5. Student Exchange Programs
  6. Amphitheatre

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What Is Spuds?

Spuds is what REALTORS call the Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS). It is a multi-page document that sellers typically provide with information about the house and all its major systems (e.g. air conditioning, plumbing, roof, etc.).

In Arizona, sellers are required to disclose any material fact they are aware of regarding the property. The SPDS is a form created by the Arizona Association of REALTORS (AAR) to standardize the way sellers disclose material facts about the property.

The standard AAR Residential Purchase Contract has a provision requiring sellers to provide SPDS to buyers within 5 days of contract acceptance. Buyers have until the end of the inspection period or 5 days from receipt of the SPDS (whichever is later) to provide notice of any disapproved items disclosed in the SPDS.

Contrary to what many people think, the SPDS is not required by law. It is only a provision in the standard AAR Residential Purchase Contract. The law requires sellers to disclose material information. Sellers can do it in any other document they choose.

The other common myth about the SPDS is that once the seller provides it, he has no further obligation to disclose new material facts. That could not be farther from the truth. Seller’s obligation to disclose remains during the whole escrow period. If seller becomes aware of a material fact that was not originally disclosed, he has an obligation to disclose and give the buyer 5 days to review and provide notice of disapproved items. This is typically done through issuance of a revised SPDS.

Many sellers will not accept contracts that require them to provide a SPDS and they will ask buyers to remove the provision from the contract. Banks selling foreclosures will typically ask buyers to waive SPDS based on the claim that the bank has limited knowledge about the property. One important thing to remember is that even when SPDS is waived, the seller still has the obligation to disclose all material facts.

Your REALTOR should review the SPDS, its importance, and implications when sellers ask buyers to waive SPDS. Buyers should understand all the ramifications and make an informed decision whether they are willing to waive SPDS or not.

And before I close this article I would like to leave you with a thought. If you are a seller, I would strongly encourage you to prepare a SPDS when you put the property on the market. You can even make the document available for prospective buyers. It will show them that you are on top of your obligations and that if they decide to submit an offer you will not cause any delays to the process. Very few sellers do that and it usually has such a positive impact on potential buyers. If you do that when you list the property, once you accept an offer all you have to do is re-read the document and make sure that it is still valid and up-to-date. Ask your REALTOR to help you fill the SPDS as soon as possible.

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How to Successfully Sell My Property Without an Agent?

For sale by owner‘ can save you a huge fee when you eliminate the typical 7 percent commission fee for the real estate agents. Homeowners, who are worried about selling their house without an agent, remember that it is a learning process.

Price your home right

If you are one of those people who don’t know the actual value of their own house, don’t worry, you are not alone. A home’s fair market value defines what you could expect to receive if you were to sell your home on that day. This value can differ while you are asking different estate agents and realtors. Most of the homeowners are absolutely clueless about their home’s true worth. Use the online home valuation tools and perform a market analysis. In addition to this, you can also hire an appraiser who can help you calculate the value of your home in terms of square footage.

Hire a lawyer

Even though it’s an additional expense, hiring a lawyer who can assist you with the legal work can do wonders for you. Unless you are significantly experienced in selling a house, having a real estate lawyer by your side will provide you the peace of mind that you will need during the process. The lawyer will not only help you reviewing the contracts, evaluating complex mortgages or leases and complex offers, but will also tell you what things, by law, you need to disclose to potential buyers and help you formulate a disclosure agreement.

Get the word out

Getting the word out about the sale of your property is the way to go when you sell your house without an agent and unfortunately, sticking a ‚for sale‘ sign in your yard and hoping for the best is not enough anymore. Use your social media presence to your advantage and put up an advertisement on various Facebook and Instagram pages. Most homebuyers search for properties online nowadays so advertising your home online is really important. You can also list your property on various listing websites such as realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, realestateview.com.au, homesale.com.au, and many more through minustheagent.com.au/. In addition to this, you can also create a few flyers and brochures and distribute them around the town.


In order to sell your house and make a hefty amount of money, you need to be objective. Yes, it’s your home and you have your memories in that house, but at the end of the day, it’s a financial asset. So negotiate the pricing of the deal as much as you can but don’t push it too far that you scare the buyer off. Also, there are other things you can negotiate beyond price. This includes appliances, closing date, and closing costs.

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Real Estate Agents Provide Excellent Property Investment Tips

For plenty of people, investing in a real estate property is a major decision, and similar to all the moves that will involve a serious amount of hard-earned money, it needs substantial research and preparation. After spending much of your professional adult life handling over rental fees every month to your landlord, you will soon need to bring out huge amount of money to buy and maintain a house that you can call your very own.

But always remember that investing in a house will bring about changes to your financial responsibility. And if you are a first-time home buyer, there is a list of important things that can help you in determining if investing in a property is the right thing for you to do. Below are some of the valuable tips from excellent real estate agents:

First and foremost, you must look into the financial side. Today’s global economy has made lots of home buyers more discrimination with regards to where each dollar of their money goes, and with a purchase of this magnitude, it truly pays to carefully go over your financial strategy first. Based on some real estate agents, home buyers must take note of the following questions to determine where they truly stand:

Are you disciplined enough to save a 20% deposit?

Do you know of some excellent home loan providers that can help fund your purchase, and have your compared each one’s terms and interest rates so that you can obtain the best possible deal?

Do you have at least one excellent source of income that you can depend on to keep your payments on tract?

Do you have a great idea about the running costs that you’ll need to keep up with after you have decided to move into the house like continuous maintenance and improvement costs on top of the other utility expenses?

Do you have a separate account that can take care of possible unexpected or emergency costs?

Second, look into the information side. You must remember that having access to the most reputable property data will equip you with the best tools to locate the house that can offer the best value for your finances and will meet your strict personal criteria. There are actually a lot of reputable portals that will provide in depth information on the real estate market – they will not just let you view available houses in various locations, however, they also offer valuable reports such as recent sales in the street you are eyeing or perhaps the demographic developments in a certain location. More information mentioned here.

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Time is Running Out Fast For Real Estate Bargain Hunters

WARNING! If you are serious about buying a home in 2010, you might not have much time left! With recession of 2007-2009 fading into history, buyers are returning to the real estate market in droves. However, what most of the buyers don’t realize is that there are many forces working against them that might make it difficult to find real bargains comes spring and summer. Here are five main forces shaping up the market early this year, and you better pay attention to them:

1. Under the provisions of the massive stimulus package designed to support the housing market, the Fed has been buying mortgage securities for over a year in order to maintain liquidity in the housing market, which also artificially supported the rates at sub-5% level. However, this part of the stimulus ER is winding down by March, and it’s already driving the rates higher in anticipation of the program grand finale. What does it mean for the mortgage market? It means that comes March or April, you will not find rates in low or mid-5% any more. The consensus of most economists and finance journalists is that we will have 6% mortgages by the summer time. What it means for you? Have your loan approved and lock the rate no later than Mid-February!

2. With „normal market“ demand for mortgage backed securities still very low, the lenders will tighten their underwriting guidelines even more. The preview of this was demonstrated in December of 2009, when following FNMA and Freddy all lenders increased credit score requirements for prime mortgages by 20 to 40 points, FHA followed them with the increase of the minimum score from 595 to 620, and some lenders made 640 as a minimum score for FHA or any other government-backed loans. Comes summer, the credit system most probably will tighten even more, as the banks will have a much smaller market to sell their loans to, which will force them to pick only cream of the crop borrowers to bet on. If you are not one of them, you might need to have at least 25-30% down, ratios below 30% and 750 score in order to have any chance for a home loan.

3. Unnoticed to the buyers, the Government passed a number of new laws in the last two years, of course all of them were done under highly publicized slogans of helping Joe the Consumer. In reality, these new laws practically eliminated a mortgage broker as a viable player in the market place. The government blamed the brokers for pushing „creative“ mortgage products onto uneducated consumers who couldn’t afford to pay for them, however the reality is that the brokers were only selling products pushed to the public by BANKS! Truth is that the brokers don’t offer their own products, brokers don’t participate in the meetings of the banks‘ boards of directors who decide which financial products to offer to the public, brokers only sell what the banks offer if the public demands it. In 2006 the brokers were responsible for 60% of all loans originated in this country, by the first quarter of 2010 – less than 5%! Why should you be concerned about it? Very simple: while enjoying practically unlimited access to billions and trillions of your taxpayer dollars, the banks succeeded in eliminating the only serious market force that kept their mortgage rates competitive in the last decade. With brokers gone, all loan origination now goes to retail banks with their „friendly and knowledgeable“ staff who doesn’t give a rat if you buy their mortgage today at 7% or not, because they are on salary paid for by your savings deposits and unfair bank fees, and because your only alternative is to go to a retail branch of another bank, where you will face just as much competence and desire to lower rates as at the first branch. Consider this: The banks quietly managed to monopolize a market worth $10-15 TRILLION DOLLARS, and their profits (spread between your mortgage rate and the current Fed Rate, which is a 0%) per loan are the highest they’ve been in history! Now, did you get a thank you postcard from your bank’s CEO last year for helping the banks out with some free money?

4. Home buyer tax credit program winds down in April too. You must be in escrow by April 30th and close the escrow no later than June, which means that in March/April we will see crowds of late-comers last-minute shoppers trying to take advantage of the program and the inventory of homes, especially in 200-400K price range will be under serious pressure from the buyers, just like we saw in October and November of 2009, before it became known that the tax credit program will be extended. This time it is different – there will be no more extensions. This was the final extension, and those who missed an opportunity to take advantage of this program because there was no inventory on the market, will try to buy something this time around.

5. Traditionally, March is the first month of the official buying season in San Diego. In my 10-year spreadsheet, March sales represent an average of 30-50% increase in the number of closed sales over February of the same year! Believe me that this year will be no different. However, those who wake up late and start shopping for a house in March will face a much tougher competition and will be forced to bid up on properties beyond what they will reasonably appraise for, which will force the buyers to increase their downpayment or get discouraged and end up on the sidelines again.

Housing market has been battered enough to the point where even the bitter pessimists started talking about a turnaround. Some are still talking about some massive „shadow inventory“ of homes that the banks are supposedly holding back to avoid the market collapse and that when it finally comes, the market will tank, however, this talk has been perpetuated since late 2008 and nobody knows when and if this inventory will ever enter the market. Today the banks can dump four or five-times more inventory on the market, where home attract 10-30 offers in the first week, and the buyers will just swallow them and move on.

So, what should you do now in order to take advantage of the situation in what’s left of the true bargain hunting season?

1. Get your loan pre-qualified right now, don’t wait for that tax refund to hit your bank account. If you need to borrow money from the relatives for the downpayment, do it, you can pay it back with the tax credit money, with your tax refund, or do their laundry for the next 30 years, but get your loan fully approved at the highest possible amount and have it available when you are making offers. Nobody seriously looks at your offers today unless you can attach a solid loan approval together with a proof of funds for downpayment.

2. Make sure you have a clear idea what you are looking for and make sure it’s realistic. Don’t ask your agent to send you everything from Bonsal to San Ysidro in 100K to 800K range and expect to work with that agent. Sit down with your agent, outline the areas, types of properties you will target, maximum monthly payments including HOA, Mello Roos, property taxes, home insurance, utility bills and anything else that will become your monthly responsibility. Knowing what you want helps you achieve just that four-times faster!

3. Use technology to your advantage. There are many real estate websites that allow you to set up an automated search page and to receive listings that match your criteria the minute the listings hit the market, or with any other regularity of your choice. Such automated tools allow you to gain an „unfair advantage“ over majority of other non-technically savvy buyers and realtors: if you are the first one to know about the listings, you have the advantage of making your offers before everybody else.

4. Make offers, more offers and some more offers! In sub-$300,000 price range in most areas of San Diego it takes now 20-30 offers before you get one accepted, so be patient, but also smart about it. Make offers on realistic listings, where you have a better chance of getting your offer accepted. If you have an FHA loan, don’t go after „investor flip“ listings, FHA won’t allow it for 90 days after their original purchase date. Don’t make offers on short sale listings, where the listing agent sends ALL offers to the lender and waits for six months for the lender to accept one offer, which turns the process into a prolonged auction. Don’t subject yourself to some REO listings if the REO listing broker insists on seeing my buyers‘ first-borne child, DNA tests and pre-approval by the lender of the listing broker’s choice BEFORE they will even look at your offer. (By the way, whenever the REO agent is asking for the pre-approval by their lender, understand that it’s done solely to facilitate a sales pitch by that lender, so complain about it to California Department of Real Estate, tell them that in your opinion it is against the spirit of California AB957 „Buyer’s Choice Act“ of 2009, especially if you already have your pre-approval from another lender in place! If you end up putting 20 offers on REO listings, does it mean that you have to get pre-approved by 20 lenders BEFORE you even know if your offer is going to be accepted? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?)

5. Be creative! If you can’t get what you want directly, look for other ways of achieving the same results. Consider buying a fixer upper and using a rehab loan to do the repairs, consider buying a smaller house and they adding square footage to your desired size of home, consider new construction, lease-options, seller carry-backs or other creative ways of getting in the house. Become familiar with these creative strategies, they may be your ticket to homeownership today.

This is not the time to procrastinate and wait for your April tax refund before you start shopping for a house. Act now, and take advantage of the last several months of the BEST time to buy a house in the last several decades!

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Source by Alex Lisnevsky

Sell Your Home Faster With Social Book Marking

Social bookmarks are a quick effective ways to promote your real-estate listings. They increase the chance that your property will make it to the top of the search engines – and more importantly indirectly market your property to friend’s relatives and co-workers.

How ranking is increased

Internet ranking of web pages is largely based on how popular the website the link is found on. A webpage of a high value website is going to get a much higher ranking in the search results than a lower one. To get a website at the top level you need to have a link from the popular website to yours. Social bookmarks sites like stumbleupon.com, delicious.com, facebook.com, twitter.com and others traditionally have higher traffic ranks than real-estate websites.

All you need to do is get a link on the highly ranked website to your real-estate listings. The most effective way to do this is through social bookmarks.

Advertising Lottery

In some cases property listings get highly ranked and traffic to them explodes – thousands of users are directed to your listing. This increase in traffic can get your home noticed above all others. Increasing the number of eyeballs on your property increases the changes of find a prospective buyer.

Warm marketing

Another benefit to doing the Social Bookmarks is that you can indirectly market your property to friends, co-workers and family. When you share your bookmarks is it a low pressure way to advertise to your friends and family that you are selling your home. You may get lucky and have a friend see your ad, remember a party or other fun time and reach out to you regarding the sale of your home.

What to do

Getting your real-estate advertisement listed and shared is simple – your realtor may have listed your property on an MLS system. You can ask for the links to your property listings from your realtor or to the sites that you posted your advertisement. Look on the advertisement for „bookmark“ or „share“. Many times there is a popup you can use to select the social book marking site you want to use. Register at the site and recommend the links to your real-estate listings. Want more traffic then have your friends recommend the link as well.

Not sure what a chiclet is?

Chiclets are the links on a page you can use to share the web page you are on. They are tiny social network bookmark icons that allow you to easily submit the real-estate listing to social news and network sites like delicious.com, stumbleupon.com, facebook.com and others.

One you have your real-estate listings promoted and recommended on the social book marking sites – now you need to get others to view and vote on them. A very simple way to do this is using your email list, send out the book marketed listing to your friends, co-workers and family and have them vote. This can cause a viral effect and really boost the popularity of your real-estate listings.

Need a Listing

If you are selling your home yourself you will need to list your property yourself. Using property listing sites you can list your real-estate for little to no fee. Once you have listing you can register at the social book marketing sites and list your advertisement.

When you have created your listing look for the „share“ or „bookmark“ button, create your id at the social bookmark site and recommend you property listing. It is that simple.

Test your Listing

The proof of your work can easily be validated – a couple of days after promoting your site you should start to see your property listing higher in the ranks in search engines such as google.com or yahoo.com.


Selling a home can be difficult especially in today’s market. You can help get the most out of your home by using social bookmarks to get your property to the top of the search engines. Give it a little time and you should start to see the results of your efforts. Selling your home quickly and for the right price would make the effort worth while.

Keep these steps in mind when Book Marking your listings:

1) Find the chiclet on the real-estate listing web page

2) Create an account at the social book marketing site

3) Add the link to your listing.

4) Send bookmarked links to family, friends and co-workers and get them to vote.

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Source by John M Hawkins

A List Of Property Definitions

There are numerous types of property on the market that are being advertised at any given time. Some of these names for different properties may be confusing, so it is vital that you know what to expect, here are the names of the property types and their definition.

Terraced Housing:

Terraced Housing is an old fashioned property set up where more than two (usually three or four) houses are joined together. To avoid using the phrase terraced, estate agents will now use the phrase link. A terraced house, or a mid link house is one of the properties which is between others.

An end of terrace, or end of link house is the property which is the last one in the row of houses.

Town House

Usually, the term Town House is used to describe a standard two story terraced house which is more modern. Some Estate Agents will also use this term to describe newer properties that have three or more floors.

Semi-detached House

A semi-detached house or property is used to describe of pair of houses which are usually attached in the middle. Semi-detached properties tend to offer their owners front and back gardens, with many also offering drive way space in more rural areas.

Detached House

A detached property is a solo property with it’s own land which is not adjoined by or to another property in any way. This type of property is usually more sought after by families who want extra privacy.


A Bungalow is a single story property which can be terraced, semi-detached or detached. Bungalows are often considered to be smaller properties, which usually have two bedrooms. Big loft spaces are commonly found in bungalows, which allow their owners to convert a second story living space if desired. Bungalow’s tend to maintain their value and can be more expensive compared to properties of similar size.


Flats essentially come in two forms. The first where an existing house has been split (usually into two separate dwellings). The second is a block of flats where there could be many separate flats in one building.

There is some terminology that you need to be aware of, a communal entrance is a main entrance that allows its residents to access their properties. Communal gardens is a shared garden, which you usually are required to pay a maintenance charge. Flats are often referred to as apartments, particularly in newly built developments.

There are also variations of apartments that you need to be aware of, here are the more commonly found variants.

Duplex Apartment

A Duplex Apartment is an apartment which has more than one floor, usually two. These can be found in converted houses or apartment blocks. Usually these types of flats are found towards the top of the buildings if they are in a block.

Penthouse Apartment

A penthouse apartment is a more luxurious and bigger apartment which is located on the top floor of the building.

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